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About “We Talk About Movies”

We love movies. We watch at least a couple movies each week after the kids go to bed and we love talking about them. Kevin likes to rip movies apart for not making sense, and Ruth┬áloves to tell him why he’s wrong.

Most movies we watch are from Redbox, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Occasionally we will review a new release (when we can find a babysitter!).

We start talking about the movie and who knows where the conversation will lead. Download the latest episode and let’s talk about movies together.

Spoiler Alert!

We talk about the whole movie, so make sure you watch it before you listen to the podcast if you want to avoid spoilers.

Your Hosts – Kevin and Ruth


Kevin loves a great story. He’s a big fan of action and comedy movies. His all time favorite movies are ones that make you think about life and the people you love.┬áHe hates movies where things don’t make sense and is generally a pretty tough critic.


Ruth loves all kinds of movies and is especially fond of sci-fi and superhero movies. She has an incredible ability to guess the ending of even the most bizarre movies. She also hates when Kevin over-analyzes movies and ruins them for her.

Twitter Feed

Do people really find it difficult to avoid spoilers? I've never randomly come across a spoiler for a new movie.

Watched Pitch Perfect 3 last night. The first 2/3rds were exactly what I was hoping for. The last 1/3rd was an absolute, utter disaster.

A Quiet Place has so many plot holes and also poor decisions. It was a good suspenseful movie but too many issues. Definitely not worthy of its RT rating.

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