Beauty and the Beast is a good family movie, but it has potential to be so much more. Kevin thinks Emma Watson’s singing voice is too produced and she cannot carry a musical, but Ruth thinks her singing is fine.

Kevin also feels this movie missed an opportunity for more character development for both Beast and Gaston. We didn’t just need a remake of the animated version, it should have gone further.

The music, aside from Emma Watson’s overproduced voice, is very good. Luke Evans was perfectly cast as Gaston and his singing is incredible.

Article about Emma Watson’s voice:

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Beauty and the Beast (2017) – Episode 11
The Verdict
This is a good movie with good music, but could have been great with a better singer cast as Belle and more development for Gaston and the Beast.
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What We Liked
Luke Evans as Gaston
New Songs
What We Didn't
Emma Watson's singing voice
Missed Opportunity to develop Gaston and Beast
Good Movie that could've been Great