Doctor Strange is not one of our favorite movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are numerous plot holes that I feel really take away from what could have been a good movie.

The story is not terribly compelling, the plot holes are very distracting, and it doesn’t really have any real ties to the rest of the MCU that would have made the character or the story more interesting in the whole MCU.

The most exciting part about this movie for me was the mention of Bob Seger, so there’s a long segue from Kevin about Bob Seger for anyone who isn’t familiar with his music. Go buy Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits.

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Doctor Strange – Episode 3
The Verdict
This movie doesn't make sense in a lot of places and the visual effects are all things we've seen before in other movies.
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What We Liked
Consistency in the Doctor Strange character
Bob Seger reference
What We Didn't
Plot issues throughout the movie
Story seems shallow
Doesn't add much to the MCU
Bad Plot Holes, Mostly Uninteresting