Guardians of the Galaxy does a great job of making you laugh and keeping you entertained. The characters are very interesting the movie does an amazing job of naturally weaving humor throughout a story where an entire planet may be destroyed.

There are a few minor plot holes, but nothing that detracts much from all the fun. It is amazing that Marvel could make such an incredible movie based off a comic that very few people have read.

And of course, the music is great. I could not find a link to the article I references about James Gunn getting the songs he wanted for Volume 2. Sorry.

guardians volume 1
Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 7
The Verdict
Get ready to have a great time. This movie is full of hilarious one liners and great action.
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What We Liked
Great balance of fun and serious
First scene sets the tone
12% of a plan scene
Baby Groot dancing at the end
What We Didn't
Yelling about 4 billion units on a planet of outlaws
Why didn't Yondu and Starlord shoot the hole in Ronan's ship?
So much fun