Logan is one of the most overrated movies in the last year or so according to Kevin. The movie is overly dark and there are major plot holes that create serious problems for the story development.

However, Ruth enjoyed the movie and can’t wait to see it again. She recognizes it is dark, but she appreciates it and thinks this is a good movie.

Both Kevin and Ruth felt the movie did a very poor job of explaining some of the core components of the story, as we had to look things up after the movie to see what was happening.

logan is overrated
Logan – Episode 9
The Verdict
Kevin thinks this is a bad movie with major story issues. Ruth liked it and wants to watch it again, but she isn't ready to give a rating just yet.
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What We Liked
An R-rated movie fits well for the Wolverine character
What We Didn't
Overly Dark
No explanation of why Canada is a safe haven
Some of the plot was not understandable and we had to look it up
Kevin didn't like it, Ruth did