Moana is a good family movie with some really incredible music. Maybe I’m just so tired of the Frozen soundtrack thanks to Ruth’s sister, but the music in Moana feels like something I could listen to over and over again (except for Shiny by the big mean crab).

There were some very funny moments, including a few jokes aimed at adults. We also liked that the movie broke the mold a bit by having two living, healthy parents and not throwing in an unnecessary love story.

Ruth and I liked the movie and gave it a 6. Our 12 year old niece Aaliyah, the guest host on this podcast, loved it and gives it a 10.

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Moana – Episode 5
Good movie for the family
This is a good family movie with a few really great songs. It's a movie I wouldn't mind watching over and over again when kids get stuck on it.
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What We Liked
Great for kids
Love the Music!
Two living, healthy parents!
What We Didn't
The song with the crab
Might be scary for very young kids
Good movie for the family