Spider-Man: Homecoming is a super fun movie. It’s so good my 12 year old niece Aaliyah gives it an 11/10. Ruth generally agrees it’s a great movie, giving it an 8/10. However, I feel like there are a few major issues with this movie that prevent it from being a great movie.

Even though Spider-Man is my favorite superhero of all time and Tom Holland plays him better than the other actors before him, this movie frustrates me immensely. Have a listen to find out why.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Episode 16
The Verdict
Kevin thought opportunities were missed, Ruth really liked it, and Aaliyah loved it.
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What We Liked
Great Villian
Love High School Spider-Man
What We Didn't
Adult Jokes
Peter Parker gives up chances to be with Liz to easily
We have differing opinions on this one