Wonder Woman is a very good superhero movie. It’s incredibly empowering for women to see such a strong character emerge in a world full of male dominated superheroes, but it’s also simply a great movie.

There isn’t a single plot hole that either of us could find and we both found the innocence and the anti-war message from Diana to be both endearing and inspiring.

While we haven’t disliked other DC movies as much as some critics, this is definitely the best movie DC has made and gets us very excited for Justice League later this year.

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Wonder Woman – Episode 12
The Verdict
This movie gives girls (and women) a very strong role model in the superhero movie world. And it's simply a very good movie.
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What We Liked
Great antiwar message
Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman
Such a strong female role model
What We Didn't
Wish they saved some jokes from the trailers
Great Movie. Inspiring for Women.